1. Baldwin TrailheadAbove the silhouette of Cathedral Rock, you’ll find a canvas of stars that is nearly unmatched by any other spot in Sedona.

2. Centennial TrailheadCradled by the surrounding mountains, a paved path will guide you toward a dazzling combination of earthly and celestial scenery.

3. Doe MountainThe entrance to this zigzagging, vertical hike provides extra altitude to enjoy an unimpeded view of the Sedona sky.

4. Fay Canyon TrailAfter a short journey past the tree-lined entrance to the Fay Canyon trail, you’ll find an opening into the night sky perfect for spotting shooting stars.

5. Marg’s Draw TrailheadJoin Snoopy Rock as he gazes up at the Milky Way, and enjoy the quiet of the surrounding wilderness.

6. Thunder Mountain TrailheadAt the entrance to Thunder Mountain trail you’ll come for a captivating sunset, but you’ll stay for the unforgettable 360˚ view of the Sedona starscape.

7. Turkey CreekThe beginning of the Turkey Creek trail features a wide-open expanse of red rock that provides clear views of the night sky, undiluted by the lights of the city.