1. Baldwin Trail to Red Rock CrossingAs this hike meanders along Oak Creek under ancient cottonwood and pine trees, you will come upon some peculiar dry creek beds.

2. Amitabha Stupa Peace ParkRarely seen in the West, a stupa is considered to be the living presence of the Buddha and represents the Mind of Enlightenment.

3. Chapel of the Holy CrossThis truly must-visit site attracts visitors of all faiths for its spectacular views and incredible architecture.

4. Wedding Tree at Red Rock State ParkA pair of large branches creates the image of two distinct trees merging together at its trunk, making the Wedding Tree the perfect symbol under which many happy couples have joined their lives.

5. House of Apache Fires at Red Rock State ParkBuilt by Jack and Helen Frye, Sedona’s most famous family, this striking structure is an integral and mysterious part of Sedona’s spiritual history.

6. Thunder Mountain TrailheadPark at the trailhead to take a short hike to the base of the mountain, and discover a secluded plateau ideal for quiet yoga or meditation.

7. Little Horse TrailAppearing as huge and eternal presence, the ‘Madonna and the Nuns’ spire rock formation watches over the land surrounding Little Horse Trail.