1. ScorpionPick up speed as you ride downhill on the loosely packed soil of one of Sedona’s newest and less-traveled trails.

2. Llama TrailWeatherworn sandstone and unique formations offer more intrepid riders a chance to leave the ground behind and catch some air.

3. Mescal TrailBike along a mountainside, across this serene low-growth forest until you reach a truly one-of-a-kind view from the ridge beneath Mescal Mountain.

4. GirdnerMatch your speed to the gentle flow of Dry Creek as you ride on toward elevated and majestic mountain views to the north.

5. Ridge TrailA quiet and steep climb culminates in a transcendent view down into Red Rock Crossing and back toward Thunder Mountain.

6. Aerie TrailRide through the cool shade of the Secret Mountain Wilderness toward sweeping views of one of Arizona’s most incredible landscapes.

7. Dead Man’s PassTravel along the varied terrain of an old jeep trail as you enjoy the green of Manzanita trees and beautiful views on every side.